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My blog turned 3 today

Thanks everyone for sticking with me. I know it was a bumpy ride, but my followers helped me through it. Thanks firm the bottom of my heart.

Really? On my phone?
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Really? On my phone?

My followers keep deleting their blogs

What’s with the mass tumblr suicides?

PSA for custom domain users

If your blog has become slow and/or unreachable, point the domain’s A-record (IP address) to

Tumblr changed it at some point without notice.


lol “Ask your parents for a xbox or try books.” 

Wow I missed this and I thought I actually read the whole thing…
Even when you try to read the damn things it fails.
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lol “Ask your parents for a xbox or try books.” 

Wow I missed this and I thought I actually read the whole thing…

Even when you try to read the damn things it fails.

This is what happens when I try to email to tell them the site is inaccessible from a proxy now. That warning just keeps coming up even though I don’t even have Missing E installed!

I even sent them that screenshot and I still got an automated response.

Support Missing E

Tumblr’s Support Problem with ‘Missing e’


As many users have observed, Tumblr has recently given users a choice to uninstall Missing e or revoke support for your account.

The reasons they give for suggesting that you uninstall Missing e are the worst-case scenario for installing browser extensions or browser modifications of any kind. However, Missing e is not a source of these kinds of problems.

At worst, Missing e may cause problems when Tumblr makes changes to their interface and Missing e has not yet been updated to deal with the changes. I usually work very quickly to restore compatibility in these cases.

It is very unlikely that Missing e will cause any data loss. This is especially true of existing posts. Without your interaction, Missing e will not delete anything!

As for privacy, Missing e does not obtain, use or store your email address, password, IP address, search queries or contents of any of your existing posts.

Missing e implements only a small amount of what Tumblr calls page scraping. It is not done regularly, nor is it excessive. The removed features Follow Checker and Unfollower used page scraping a lot more and were taken out of Missing e quite some time ago for this very reason.

All users are encouraged to examine Missing e’s source code to confirm all of the claims I have made!

If you choose to continue using Missing e and want to continue receiving support, you should follow these guidelines:

• If you experience problems with Tumblr, deactivate Missing e in your browser’s extensions list (you can get to this list using the first part of the Missing e uninstall instructions and turning off “Enable” or clicking on the “Disable” button, depending on your browser). If the problem remains, it is most likely not a Missing e issue.

• Before contacting Tumblr support, deactivate Missing e. Regardless of whether or not you acknowledged that using Missing e means Tumblr will not provide you with support, if you have it deactivated or uninstalled, it is not running! You will be accurately presenting your issue to Tumblr support in informing them that you are not currently using Missing e.

This is why Google+ is better than Facebook

I hate facebook so much more now that they are pushing “sharing” posts.

Every fucking day it’s full of pictures that I saw on tumblr a day or more ago. Facebook isn’t for memes and shit.

Electric Knee

Electric Knee

When something you made comes up on your dash


I went on Facebook today and it’s literally just pictures taken from Tumblr and people LOLing like it’s new.

It takes more than a Facebook status to save the world

Tumbling on the cruiseship at $.75 a min


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