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‎An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions.


- Ralph Waldo Emerson

And posting on Facebook doesn’t count as action.

Im not picking or anything, you seem to have similar interests to me, etc. i'm guessing you've read some texts on consciousness, ego & whatnot. do you believe you are free of ego? and why do you smoke weed? i used to smoke weed but recently stopped because i'm an addict. i'm genuinely curious so don't take offense please.

Marijuana isn’t physically addicting or dangerous. It doesn’t kill anyone or cause people to kill others in car accidents or rage. It fights cancer, reduces pain, and just makes life easier to understand and deal with.

You say you’re an addict so I am lead to believe you mean you’re addicted to something hard and can’t smoke because it would lead towards something else? That I can understand, but if you just meant marijuana the withdraw effects are less than that of nicotine or caffeine withdraw.

I have read texts, watched videos, experienced it myself through drugs and/or meditation, and talked to many people about consciousness, ego, fears, and theories.

Do I believe I am free of ego? Not entirely, but close. As with anyone I have good days and bad. On a good day I’ve very good at looking past myself and finding the truth. If you spend all your time thinking instead of observing you’ll never understand what’s around you.

Lastly to answer you’re question about why I smoke weed: Plain and simply, I like it and all the benefits I’ve gained from it. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t. It’s natural and isn’t dangerous. It’s introduced me to more amazing people than I can count. It was the first step in opening my mind and letting go off all of the bullshit that I used to believe, things that held me back, and kept me from success in life early on.


I mean books.

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∞ I don't believe anything is impossible.
∞ I spend my time searching for enlightenment and trying to better my life.
∞ I enjoy spending time with like-minded individuals.
∞ I live in Ohio.
∞ I am a critical thinker who is always skeptical until I've done my own research.
∞ I believe everyone should have an open mind that there are things they do not understand yet, but if they are willing to allow their minds to manifest they can also be awakened.
∞ I try to meditate for at least 30 minutes a day.
∞ I have a B.A. in bluntology.
∞ I hack Wiis.
∞ PSN: ThisYOUniverse.
∞ Xbox Live: Effing Gypsy.
∞ Diablo 3 BattleTag: YOUniverse#1838



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