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So as soon as I saw him I confronted him

I didn’t say anything and acted like I was going to the bathroom and he asked me if I knew where his Xbox was. I said yeah and that we needed to talk. I went to piss because I had just woken up, came out, and he was waiting for me.

I had talked to his sister about it beforehand because she’s someone I consider a good friend and someone I respect. She said he deserves an ass beating, but not to.

I asked him 3 times if he has anything he wanted to tell me. He kept saying no. At that point I put the fear of life in him. I didn’t hurt him, but he got 2 good hits and he knows why he got off so easy. I think he understands now how stupid and dangerous what he did could have been.

I told him that I have his Xbox and other stuff and that I’m holding it until he starts paying me back or I have to start selling it. He offered me his Kindle Fire as well, which I was waiting to get from him anyway.

He’s lucky. I wanted to rough him up a little more than that for lying 3 times to my face, but I know it wouldn’t change anything. I wouldn’t even have hit him had he come clean when I asked if there was anything he wanted to tell me. It makes me wonder what else he wasn’t saying. Regardless, I handled it as best I could for everyone.

He said he was applying for new jobs. We’ll see.

So I suspected my roommate of stealing from me and setup my webcam as a motion camera

Caught him stealing from me on 3 separate occasions, just today, over a 5 hour span. I’ve suspected it for months now and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s basically stole about $450 - $600 from me in weed.

Mind you, I and my other roommate smoke with him freely and I let him use a lot of my other shit.

He’s not here right now or I wouldn’t be typing this, but do I beat the fuck out of him? How badly? I know he doesn’t have the money and the stuff he has is worth maybe $300 total.

My blog turned 3 today

Thanks everyone for sticking with me. I know it was a bumpy ride, but my followers helped me through it. Thanks firm the bottom of my heart.

All I was doing was installing Word for my sister on her computer….

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I still fucking miss you ugh

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Sometimes, I wonder if anyone misses me, the way I miss them.

Hello depression, nice to see you again, I can’t say that I’ve missed you over the last month. I guess that was a just a vacation.

I’m such a fool

My sister was in a multiple car accident and is in the hospital right now with several injuries. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Dear Penguin,

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I used to love finding your secret, hidden notes around

Now they make me physically ill yet I can’t bring myself to throw them away. What the fuck is wrong with me? They are just full of lies that I still believe.

I’m glad that you’re happy and loving life, knowing you lied to police, on court documents, actually wanted to try and put me in jail for things YOU made available, and knowing what you did behind my back. I agreed to your bullshit because I didn’t want to drag your family through hell in that courtroom in order to win, which I would have had to do, and because I know that Karma will make this all right somehow.

Regardless, I’ll never be the same and that really fucking sucks. You broke me and pills and doctors don’t know how to fix me.

Don’t get me wrong, I was broken before, and I made that clear up front, but I hadn’t given up. I still enjoyed life, I had many many things to be thankful for and reasons to be happy. Now, those things just make me cry, but I still can’t stop thinking about them.

I’m broken and I don’t think it can be fixed

I’m fully aware that I’m broken, I don’t need anyone to tell me this. I’ve been broken for a long time. Only 1 person has ever made me truly feel like it was okay though. I believe them when they said they didn’t judge, that they understood, and that everything would be alright. I believed every word and I gave them the same acceptance and love.

I was thankful to have that person in my life. So thankful I meditated and thanked the universe for bringing them to me. I thanked the universe every night when I would lay down next to them to sleep. I felt so lucky, knowing that most people will never feel the love we share on a daily basis.

I kept on believing, for a year and 4 months, I had no reason to believe any differently, until I was woken up and told that I was too broken. Not that I had done anything wrong, that I was simply too broken to be with anymore. The things I believed about always being there for me, they weren’t true. None of it was true, it was all a cruel joke.

"Doctors" just write me prescriptions. People I thought were my friends betrayed me. My real friends don’t hang out with me anymore. Everyone is sick of hearing my sob story and so am I, but I can’t be fixed and I can’t remove these memories. I don’t even know if they are real or not. I’m told that everything was real, if that’s the case they why did you do this to me? How could you lie on court documents multiple times? Because I’m broken and it’s time to be put out my misery.

I’m sick of crying myself to sleep. Time doesn’t heal wounds, it makes them fester and get worse.

Shit no one wants to hear about anymore

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∞ I don't believe anything is impossible.
∞ I spend my time searching for enlightenment and trying to better my life.
∞ I enjoy spending time with like-minded individuals.
∞ I live in Ohio.
∞ I am a critical thinker who is always skeptical until I've done my own research.
∞ I believe everyone should have an open mind that there are things they do not understand yet, but if they are willing to allow their minds to manifest they can also be awakened.
∞ I try to meditate for at least 30 minutes a day.
∞ I have a B.A. in bluntology.
∞ I hack Wiis.
∞ PSN: ThisYOUniverse.
∞ Xbox Live: Effing Gypsy.
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