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The XX - Islands

I listened to the album… I’m sorry.

The XX - Intro

I can’t hear this song without thinking about you. I’ve wanted to listen to the album for so long, but I feel like I shouldn’t, like I’d be taking it from you; or maybe I’m just afraid of the feelings.

In honor of DMX vs. George Zimmerman

DMX - Party Up

Kid Cudi - Soundtrack 2 My Life

Split an eighth of shrooms just so I could see the universe.

The Wizards - Straight Outta Mordor

AFI - Silver And Cold

Been listening to this album a lot lately.


Pink Floyd - A Pillow of Winds

Queen - Somebody To Love

Passion Pit - Cry Like A Ghost


Behold… Montez’s self-produced, self-written love/sex ballad to his wife, Colleen, “My Queen”.  We should all be so lucky to find something this special.  I’m teary at the moment.

You’ll meet Colleen TONIGHT in the premiere of “Ders Comes in Handy”— follow Mail Order Comedy on Twitter as they live tweet their thoughts and memories of tonight’s episode—

Blake - @UncleBlazer                Adam - @ADAMDEVINE

Ders - @DERS808                     Kyle - @KyleNewacheck

…and the rest of the Workaholics cast—

Montez himself, Erik Griffin - @erikgriffin

Jillian Bell - @Jilliandeltoro      Maribeth Monroe - @maribethmonroe

Hashtag your tweets #Workaholics and get ready to get weird.   

M83 - Midnight City

I swear my emotions control the radio

Or God is real and he’s cruel.

Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names


The Naked and Famous - Young Blood


∞ I don't believe anything is impossible.
∞ I spend my time searching for enlightenment and trying to better my life.
∞ I enjoy spending time with like-minded individuals.
∞ I live in Ohio.
∞ I am a critical thinker who is always skeptical until I've done my own research.
∞ I believe everyone should have an open mind that there are things they do not understand yet, but if they are willing to allow their minds to manifest they can also be awakened.
∞ I try to meditate for at least 30 minutes a day.
∞ I have a B.A. in bluntology.
∞ I hack Wiis.
∞ PSN: ThisYOUniverse.
∞ Xbox Live: Effing Gypsy.
∞ Diablo 3 BattleTag: YOUniverse#1838



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