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The whole cast of Workaholics was in Arrested Development!

I came

Couple more days! Been waiting years for this.
(via Manga Moles and Success Steve Holt: The Best Arrested Development Fan Creations | Underwire |
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Banners in Arrested Development. 

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'Arrested Development' Revival: Entire Cast Confirmed For Netflix Series With Original Writers ↘

The entire original cast of “Arrested Development” — Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor, David Cross, Michael Cera, Portia De Rossi, Tony Hale, Alia Shawkat and Jessica Walter — will be back for the new season on Netflix, according to writer Dean Lorey.

Lorey took to his blog to share the news.

“We’re really doing this thing,” he wrote. “Mitch Hurwitz, Jim Vallely and I are off writing the new season of ‘Arrested’ to premiere on Netflix in 2013.”

To all the skeptics out there, Lorey confirmed that production is underway, even though the schedule is under wraps. “There are offices and parking spaces,” he wrote. The new season is slated to debut on Netflix in 2013, with a film to follow.

“Arrested Development” creator Hurwitz first announced the series’ revival in October 2011 at the The New Yorker Festival. “Arrested Development” originally aired for three seasons on Fox from 2003-2006 and movie rumors kicked off soon after cancellation; but now, more than five years later, the Bluths are officially returning.

The current plan is for a 10 episode series for Netflix followed by a feature film. Series star Bateman confirmed the news shortly after it was announced in October.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Arrested Development


This past weekend we found out that Arrested Development will return to television in a nine- or ten-episode limited-run series, set to film next summer, with each episode focusing on a single member of the Bluth clan. And series creator Mitchell Hurwitz said that he is halfway through the screenplay for a reunion film and is “eighty per cent” sure it will happen.

Among the other revelations shared over the ninety-minute program at the New Yorker Festival were the following:

9.The pilot scripts came with a cover letter which warned cast members that there would be no fancy trailers and no tolerance for diva-like behavior.

8. David Cross had to fight for the mustache worn by his character, Tobias Funke, because Fox executive Gail Berman had a standing rule for men in comedies: no hats, no mustaches, no fluffy shirts.

7. The character of Oscar Bluth was born one day “on the fly” when Jeffrey Tambor walked into the writer’s room wearing a wig. “The next day, Oscar was born,” he said.

6. According to Will Arnett, nobody made other cast members “break” (i.e. crack up in the middle of a take) more than Tony Hale.

5. Alia Shawkat shared her first kiss onscreen with Michael Cera. “It’s changed me for the rest of my life,” she joked.

4. “Arrested Development” was cancelled before Nielsen began measuring DVR viewership, which Bateman thinks was the show’s natural format. “I think people quickly realized, ‘Well, I’m better served to watch this show after I’ve recorded it,’” he said.

3. When asked about the Bluth family’s ambiguous religious identity, Hurwitz said they were originally based on his wife’s family: “It started, it had a real Gentile vibe to it, but it got more Jewish.”

2. Hurwitz and executives at Fox were reluctant to cast Jason Bateman because of his sitcom past, but were instantly won over by his audition.

1. The fake teasers at the end of each episode began, as Hurwitz put it, as “a craven way to get the pilot picked up. Anything to create that promise of ‘You’ve got to come back!’”

(Via: The New Yorker Blog)

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Michael: Since you’re devastating people, go ahead and tell G.O.B. that I’ll be telling the cops that it was him in the truck. So he’ll be joining me here. I’ve got a nice hard cot with his name on it.
Lucille: You’d do that to your own brother?
Michael: I said “cot.”
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