Washington University Scientists Discover Mind-Reading ↘

It sounds like something from a science-fiction novel: communicating with another person not by speaking or gesticulating, but simply by thinking.

Mental telepathy mumbo-jumbo, right?

Nope. According to scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine, this form of communication has been occurring for a while in their labs, marking the first occasions in which a person’s thoughts have been channeled across a computer screen.

"We are truly starting to read the language of thought," author Eric C. Leuthardt said in a university news release. "This is one of the earliest examples, to a very, very small extent, of what is called ‘reading minds’ — detecting what people are saying to themselves in their internal dialogue."

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    Hmm. Interesting if it’s true. But scary potential I would think. Very scary.
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    For realz? Mind reading can be cool,but I’m not sure if I want others reading mine.
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